Second floating island discovered on Lake Ontario; Coast Guard monitoring land mass

Days after a small island was discovered floating along the shore of Lake Ontario, a new, bigger island has arrived.

From a distance, the massive chunk of land looks relatively small. Westpoint Marina Dock Attendant Kyle Napier drove a boat up to the “floating island” in Braddock Bay. It was resting up against the breakwall along with smaller patches of cattails.

“That’s a whole island,” Napier said.

The mysterious land mass piqued Constance Giles’ curiosity. The Rochester resident was fishing in the bay when she saw it.

“I’ve seen them. They look beautiful,” said Giles. “I don’t understand it, but I like them. I sit down, even when the fish aren’t biting, I sit and watch them like clouds.”

Made up of land underneath and cattails on top, the land mass is estimated to be 60 feet long and 30 feet wide.

“This is one of the bigger ones I’ve seen,” said Napier. “It’s another consequence of the high water this year. Last year with the low water, we didn’t see many. We saw little chunks of them, but this year, it’s been pretty frequent.”

According to the DEC, the high lake levels have caused several sections of cattails and other vegetation to break off and drift away.

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