Land masses floating off Lake Ontario being used to help shoreline

Another week, another land mass floating along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Environmental officials in New York have found a way to use the land masses to help the shoreline during periods of flooding.

On Tuesday morning, a new land mass of grasses and soil was spotted floating off the shoreline near Port Bay in the area of Wolcott and Huron in Wayne County.

Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies lassoed the earthy mound and towed it over to a nearby barrier.

“This is the largest one we’ve had so far, typically they are half the size,” said Lindsey Gerstenslager, who works with the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District.

“We created a sling on this land mass and we wedged it up into soil types that are similar to the soil types that are of that land mass – so as the water drops we have some considerable regrowth.”, Gerstenslager added.

The hope is that the mass will slowly attach itself to the barrier, which would help with erosion control efforts. The barriers help to protect embankments along the shoreline.

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