Gov. Cuomo signs legislation naming portion of I-86 in honor of Trooper Nicholas Clark

Today, New York Governor Cuomo signed legislation to name a portion of the state highway system in Steuben County in honor of Trooper Nicholas Clark.

The bridge on Interstate 86 in front of the NYS Police Barracks in Bath – where Trooper Clark was stationed – will be designated as the “Trooper Nicholas F. Clark Memorial Bridge”.

As WENY News reported, in June, the state Senate and Assembly approved the legislation, which was sponsored by State Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano.

“We appreciate Governor Cuomo signing this legislation into law,” said O’Mara. “It is our hope that this action will stand as lasting tribute and testament to the life, service, and ultimate sacrifice of this local hero. We hope that it will help to express the collective respect of our local community, our entire region, and the State of New York. We envision the ‘Trooper Nicholas F. Clark Memorial Bridge’ as an enduring honor to Trooper Clark, and a reminder to future generations of his courageous service and meaningful life.”

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