Cleanup in Lodi continues one year after torrential rains and flooding

It was one year ago this week when some areas in the Finger Lakes region were devastated by torrential rains.

No area was hit harder than Lodi on the east side of Seneca Lake.

The condemned sign is still on the door at James Messigner’s house. Officials put it there last year after water ruined his property.

“I had to tear all the walls out, the side of the wall, insulation, wiring it all went into the kitchen, it ended up ruining my hot water tank, said Messinger.

He still has the pictures he used as proof of the damage caused by flooding. He lost his porch, dock, and even a car. His backyard was once green grass but is now full of rocks. Thousands of Messinger’s own money has been spent cleaning up his property and he also applied for financial assistance last year.

“And I just heard from them that they’re gonna, they are getting around to start sending checks out so we’ll wait and see what that’s gonna do you know how much you gonna get,” said Messenger.

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