Tradition continues for campers at the Fairgrounds ahead of State Fair

As fairgoers get ready for the first day of the State Fair, hundreds of people park their RVs on the lot for the entirety of the fair.

Phyllis Winter’s been coming to the State Fair for 54 years. She remembers when there used to be tents in the camping area.

“They used to come around every morning and tell us, ‘Okay, if you’re gonna stay another day you gotta pay,'” said Winter.

Bonnie Billion’s only been camping on the fairgrounds for two years, but she loves it.

“We just heard about it last year. I had no idea,” said Billion.

Throughout the years, Winter’s met a lot of great people.

“I got a lot of good friends that we’ve stayed in contact with, and in fact, some of them – a lot of them are coming back to see us this year,” said Winter.

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