One man pushes for immediate opioid-related intervention in ERs

There’s a renewed push to connect opioid users with the vital services they need for recovery.

One man is helping to lead the charge.

Randy Cimino is making it his mission to get others to view emergency rooms differently by turning them into the first line of defense to fight the opioid crisis.

“When you go to the emergency room now, you get four hours in a chair, a bottle of water, a sandwich, and you’re out as soon as they stabilize you. Out,” he said.

Cimino, who’s now been clean after 30 years of addiction, spends his time helping others do the same. He’s the president of Gates to Recovery, a drop-in center that helps people find resources for treatment.

Last week, Cimino called on local leaders at the Monroe County Legislature meeting to do more when an opioid user overdoses. He’s pushing for mental health evaluations and treatment services immediately after they arrive at the ER.

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