New study finds repeated head hits are damaging the brain

We know football players who get concussions are experiencing a brain injury, but what about those who go undiagnosed? A new study out of the University of Rochester targets a specific part of the brain that’s affected by concussion and brain injuries that don’t even show symptoms.

Ryan Paolini played football for eight years. He recalls a time he “might” have had a concussion but was never officially diagnosed.

“One time in a game I got tackled from behind and I hit my head on the turf and my vision went yellow so I’d assume I had a concussion there, but I had the mentality of trying to play through it,” said Paolini.

Jeffrey Bazarian is a professor of emergency medicine and neurology at the University of Rochester. He said one concussion isn’t the real problem.

“The real problem is hitting your head repeatedly, that’s a problem,” said Bazarian.

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