Influx of monarch butterflies caused by ‘successful year’, says expert

If you’ve noticed a lot of monarch butterflies lately, you’re not alone.

Experts say the reason you’re seeing more of these monarch butterflies, is because they’ve had a successful year of reproduction.

“People are probably noticing more this year because the last few years a number of monarchs had been way down. Now they’ve had a couple of good years of production and survival, and are getting back to numbers where they were probably 10 years ago,” says Mike Wasilco, DEC’s Regional Wildlife Manager.

However, the DEC says you won’t be seeing the monarch butterflies fluttering around much longer, that’s because they’re on their way to Mexico.

Wasilco added, “A lot of them are moving towards the south west as much as they can. They’re kind of on their way, and they’ll work their way down that direction over the next couple of months.”

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