Trailblazers goes national, endorses Barnhart for Lodi supervisor

The Trailblazers PAC wants to see politics done differently.

The organization was founded by Leslie Danks Burke following her own election bid for state senate in which she came up short against Republican Tom O’Mara. Several election cycles later, the organization she founded is having a bigger impact than anyone likely would have imagined.

“We’ve gone national,” she explained this past week in a conversation. “Not only is that exciting, but it’s a testament to people’s desire to see good, clean government across the spectrum.”

Until this year, Trailblazers only endorsed candidates in New York and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t due to a lack of desire, though. Last year, Trailblazers began the search for an executive director—someone who could oversee a budding and growing national operation, one that as of present day has endorsed candidates in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Texas.

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