Bill would place special requirements on all single-use plastics

A bill introduced this month by Assemblywoman Pat Fahy would require all single-use plastic containers — items like water bottles — to be made of 75 percent recycled material.

“We think it’s doable, although it’s ambitious. We have got to change what we are using in our single-use plastic water bottles,” Fahy said.

The idea has stalled in California, but it’s picked up some surprising support from Nestle — a major distributor of bottled water.

“We know micro plastics are ending up in our food. We’ve got to do something about bottles that can take a thousand years to decompose. So this is a first step and it’s a long step,” Fahy said.

Fahy says the measure would help local governments find new ways of selling recycled material that can’t be sold in China anymore.

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