Best slot site jackpots in the online market

The modern online gambling landscape has conjured up an amazing variety of ways to play and win online. 

From the extremely detailed manner of modern online sports betting, to the creation of some of the most exciting, unique and visually compelling online slot games that we have ever seen, there has never been a better time to get online and have a flutter. 

Sticking with the best online slots sites games, the format has seen an incredible growth within the last decade, as the once so simple pastime found in pubs and clubs, has begun to thrive with the endless possibilities of technological advancements, the omnipresent nature of the internet and the rise of the smartphone. 

More people are playing slot games than ever before, helping it to become a thriving industry of it’s own within the already booming online gambling industry. The result is that games now have bigger budgets, better graphics and bigger jackpots, as a result of all the money going into such games. 

Perhaps the best thing to come from all of this is the progressive jackpot, a fairly new sensation that has changed the way we think about slot game jackpots. 

What is a progressive jackpot slot? 

Whereas traditionally slot games have had a fixed jackpot, perhaps one that is altered to match the multiplier rewarded to your original stake bet, the progressive jackpot is a little more abstract and original. 

The narrative of a progressive jackpot allows for the amount of money in the jackpot kitty to increase as you play, often receiving boosts via min-games, bonus features or the landing of certain combos. Essentially, though, a progressive jackpot slot game is a slot game that will slightly increase it’s jackpot the more you play, resulting in a potentially huge pay out. 

What are the best progressive slots? 

There is a great deal to choose from when it comes to progressive slots as, amongst all of the amazing, elaborate and rather ambitious themes that slot games come in these days, the jackpot-themed slot and progressive jackpot gameplay stands as a popular option.

Mega Moolah 

This is perhaps the most famous progressive jackpot slot game and not without reason. 

Mega Moolah set a world record when it paid out £13 million to a British gambler. Yes, that’s right, thirteen million pounds. As such, it is a very popular game with people hoping to earn even a slice of that sum of money. 

Mega Fortune 

Another world record holder, this game once paid out even more than above mentioned jackpot. 

When being played by a Finnish gambler. NetEnt’s jackpot-themed Mega Fortune lived very much up to it’s name, giving out no less than €17,861,813. That translates to £15,143,600! 

And the best bit? The power of the progressive jackpot meant that such a huge win only started with a stake of 25 cents. Unbelievable! But all true. 

So, if you are looking for a progressive slot to play, we would recommend the above for obvious reasons.