‘Fire Brian Daboll!’ Bills’ Sean McDermott responds to some fans wanting change at OC

Immediately following the Buffalo Bills’ 19-16 loss on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, fans started shouting about the potential, or lack thereof, of a sputtering offense that’s costing the team games.

“Fire Brian Daboll!”

If you search either of those phrases on Twitter you’ll find some angry Bills fans taking out their frustrations after Buffalo failed to score 20 points for the fifth time in nine games.

Brian Daboll

On Monday afternoon Bills coach Sean McDermott was asked, with fans looking for a place to point fingers, if the pieces, mainly Allen and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, are in place for an offensive surge in the final seven games and into the future.

“I believe they are,” McDermott said. “I’m always confident in our staff. I’m always confident in the players in the locker room. That’s the start of it, really is the mentality – that confidence.”