Rushville trustee convicted of stealing $400K from employer – will serve probation, pay restitution

A Rushville village trustee arrested in November 2018 was convicted of grand larceny in Ontario County Court Nov. 6 after stealing over $400,000 from her employer.

Kimberly Payne, 52, pled guilty to second-degree grand larceny (a class C felony) and fourth-degree grand larceny (a class E felony) before Judge Brian Dennis in a negotiated plea for one year of interim probation, and payment of $440,765 restitution to Enetics Inc., a Victor-based technology company, and $26,619 to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Payne faces final sentencing Nov. 4, 2020 upon completion of her interim probation.

The prosecutor in the case, Ontario County Assistant District Attorney Melanie J. Bailey, said, “Payne stole over $400,000 from the victim, a local company who had employed and entrusted Payne for many years. Payne abused that trust for her own financial gain, at the expense of the company, and with complete disregard for any potential risk to the company or the jobs of her former coworkers.”

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