Former Cornell student admits to killing his dad in bid to vacate sentence

Charles “Charlie” Tan has admitted to killing his father.

“I entered my parents’ home through the back door, walked upstairs, turned into my father’s office and shot my father three times as he was sitting at his desk,” Tan wrote in an affidavit filed in federal court in Syracuse. “I knew I had killed him.”

The affidavit is included in a request filed Monday¬†by Tan’s attorney, Joel Rudin, asking that a federal judge vacate¬†Tan’s 20-year sentence.

Tan, now 24, grew up in a household with an abusive father, and the environment left him psychologically scarred, Rudin contends. And, the court papers allege, events in the Tan home in Pittsford in the days before the Feb. 5, 2015, killing pushed an already fragile Tan over the edge, prompting him to take the life of his father, Liang “Jim” Tan.

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