Report shows retail chains improving in disclosing, eliminating toxic chemicals in products

A new report shows that retail chains are improving when it comes to disclosing and eliminating toxic chemicals in products. Some are calling for the signature of the Child Safe Products Act in New York State.

A Mind the Store campaign report from Safer Chemicals Healthy Families shows Target and Walmart lead the way when it comes to protecting customers from harmful products. Others are making progress.

“Buy Buy Baby which makes products just for kids and young children actually raised their score significantly and starting to really uptrend in terms of responding to consumer demand for safer products. But really it’s a matter of making sure that all of the products on store shelves are safe,” said Bobbi Wilding, Clean & Healthy New York Deputy Director.

Wilding says the ‘Child Safe Products Act’ that was passed by the state legislature this session would accelerate the change.

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