What crime experts say you should pay attention to when you’re in a mall

In the first half of 2017 and 2018, Syracuse Police recorded roughly 500 criminal complaints at Destiny USA.

While different malls likely generate different crime statistics, Scandinavian researchers say one consistent theme is where crime occurs.

More than 60 percent of mall crimes occur in ‘micro places’, in other words, where people come together. Particularly the food court. With the peak time being between 6 and 8 pm. Friday’s shooting at Destiny USA checks both boxes..

Experts say its a wide range of crimes you need to worry about.

Dr. Wendy Patrick is a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County, California. She’s completing over 150 trials including mall crimes. Patrick says we can’t talk enough about mall security. (‘Shopping Mall Safety: What to Know Before You Go’)

Patrick focuses on ‘threat assessment’ and says our country’s biggest malls, given the easy access, and crowds, can be vulnerable to violent crimes. “By law and by definition, criminals don’t obey laws,” said Patrick. “So whether or not it’s a gun-free zone you have to worry that some of the criminals are going to have them already.”

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