Macedon home that exploded ruled ‘structurally unsafe’ by engineers, exact cause under investigation

After firefighters were called to the home on Wilcox Road in Macedon last week following an explosion – engineers have ruled the it structurally unsafe.

The homeowner, Debra Cali, 67, was home alone in a bedroom on the second floor at the time of the blast, which was caused by the furnace.

While she wasn’t hurt by the blast – Cali told first responders on-scene that she smelled rotten eggs approximately 30 minutes beforehand.

Macedon First Assistant Fire Chief Joe Sirianno told the Times of Wayne County that the woman was very lucky. “There’s really no explanation,” Sirianno said. “It’s her being in the right place at the right time in the house.”

Macedon Town Engineer Scott Allen says the structure is uninhabitable. The exact cause remains under investigation, but at this point it’s being attributed to the furnace.

Multiple departments responded to the scene, which remained active for hours after the explosion, which sent entire walls moving.

Source: Times of Wayne County

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