Groundbreaking Autism test developed in Upstate NY can’t actually be used in NY yet

A company working with SUNY Upstate says that testing children for autism through saliva could be possible in the near future.

It’s the kind of technological breakthrough the medical community is excited about. Traditionally, children who are thought to have autism are put through a series of practical tests, the CDC says.

Typically one in 59 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States.

Now a company called Quadrant is working with SUNY Upstate to develop something new.

The test takes a swab of the patient’s cheek, like a DNA test. The saliva is then analyzed and a diagnosis can be made. One of the pioneers of this diagnostic tool, Dr. Frank Middleton, says it’s the saliva that is the key, according to

“We discovered that saliva is a virtual treasure trove of information that had not yet been tap to inform us about things that are going on in the brain,” Dr. Middleton said at the time.

The result? Instead of taking upwards of 17 months to receive a diagnosis – families can receive one in significantly less time. The test is currently approved in every state except New York.

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