Nate McMurray will be the Democrat on the ticket for the 27th Congressional District

Nate McMurray will challenge someone other than Chris Collins this time around for the 27th Congressional District.

The Democratic hopeful has wrapped up his nomination process. Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner ended efforts to consider an alternate candidate, according to the Messenger Post in Canandaigua. “We’ll be with Nate,” said Zellner. “All the chairs have said Nate is the guy.”

The special election is on the calendar for April 28th.

“We should be meeting in the next few weeks to start the process to select a candidate,” said Trisha Turner, chair of the Ontario County Republican Committee told the Messenger. “We are fortunate to have many qualified candidates willing to serve as our representative for the Congressional District.”

Critics of the special election date have said that the date gives an unfair advantage to Democrats, who will have ‘more reason’ to turn out to vote.

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