Siena Poll shows fading support for bail reform; growing support for marijuana legalization

A recent Siena Poll shows that New Yorkers have reservations about bail reform measures, which took hold on January 1st.

While they were optimistic about those changes a month earlier, it appears as though shaky implementation across the state has caused concern and confusion among some residents.

The poll showed that voters who felt good about the bail reform measures dropped from 55% down to 37%.

“While a small majority of suburban and upstate voters had thought the law would be ‘good,’ today, 56 percent of upstaters and 64 percent of downstate suburbanites think the law is ‘bad.’,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said. “While every demographic group moved more negative since April, joining independents and downstate suburbanites with the largest movement from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ was voters 55 and older. About two-thirds of black and Latino voters had thought the law would be ‘good’ and now that support is down to about half, still a plurality for both groups.”

The poll also showed that Governor Andrew Cuomo got a boost in his most-recent efforts. Around two-thirds of New Yorkers support at least 11 of his proposals for 2020.

“Legalizing marijuana in New York has the largest support its ever had in a Siena College poll – a 20-point margin, 58-38 percent,” Greenberg added. “Eleven other proposals from Cuomo receive strong to overwhelming support from voters by margins of 37 to 63 points. Every one of those proposals – other than legalizing marijuana – enjoys strong bipartisan support.”

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