Canandaigua considers lowering snow removal fee for property owners who don’t shovel sidewalks

In Canandaigua it’s simple: Remove snow from the sidewalk in front of your house, and avoid a fee.

If that snow is not promptly removed, as requested by City officials for all property owners, a fee is applied.

However, members of the ordinance committee are looking at the possibility of lowering those fees. If approved by full-city council, the changes would take effect next season.

City Manager John Goodwin said in an update that there were 57 snow removal invoices so far this winter. Last winter there were a total of 209.

While there’s still time for this winter to catch up, since it’s already mid-February – it seems likely that this year will be an improvement.

Councilmember Renée Sutton says the minimum $80 charge is excessive. Council will continue to look at this moving forward.

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