Ultimate Blackjack Guide

Among the casino games, blackjack is perhaps the most popular one which is seen in lots of movies. There are multiple types of blackjack including online games, and a beginner will feel completely lost on any form of online gambling. Therefore, read on the ultimate blackjack guide below to know everything about it.

The aim at blackjack is not to break 21 and to score as high as you can. Therefore, if you have two cards which add up to 21, you have a perfect hand. Your opponent in blackjack is the dealer instead of other opponents.

However, before we start this ultimate blackjack guide, know that gambling is the responsibility of the player.


You get the option to stand or hit a card. In hit, you are asking for another card which will increase your tally without crossing 21. In real-life casinos, you have to finger-tap the table. It is well recommended to go for a hit with a total of less than 16. On the other hand, if you think your cards are near 21 and further addition of a card will break 21, you have to choose a stand.

There is no rule to say which card will give you the best chances of winning. Hence, the uncertainty of gambling continues.

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Important Rules

The rules that every new blackjack player should follow are-

  • Insurance – When the dealer has the ace, you get the option of blackjack insurance. This means playing safe to some extent. In this case, if you do not win, your winnings and losses remain even. In case of a tie, stakes are returned. The only condition for blackjack insurance is when the dealer is displaying no other card than the ‘Ace’.
  • Hit or Stand, Double Down – Hit and Stand has already been mentioned before. In case your tally is near 21, you get the option of Double Down. In this case, you will get an additional card, and your bet will be doubled.
  • Split – If there are two cards identical in a single hand, they can be split into different hands with separate bets for each. You will be playing for both just like you do for one hand. The only time where you will be issued only a single card for hands if you have two aces.

Basic Explanations of Different Modes

  1. Blackjack Solo

The blackjack solo is for playing online against computers. The rules are all the same, with cards of the king, queen, and jack consisting of 10 points each, the number cards with their numeric value, and the aces with 11 or 1, depending on breaking 21. The theoretical return of the player regarding their stake is about 99.55 per cent.

  1. Blackjack Classic

In this mode, eight standard card packs are used. In this mode, you can challenge the dealer with three hands at maximum. On average, a theoretical return of 99.51 per cent to the player is recorded.

  1. Evolution Gaming

The main essence of playing blackjack online is to deal with real-life human dealers. In such mode, you can actually play with a real dealer through video calls. It can also fit a total of 7 players on the same table, and interaction between them is allowed. Basically, the evolution gaming mode of blackjack is just like a real blackjack played online.

  1. Live Blackjack

Another mode of blackjack is the live blackjack, which is available on the same rules as the original blackjack. In this lobby, you will get multiple tables all with separate limits. This gives you the opportunity to choose a table as per your needs. A theoretical return of 99.28 percent is found on live blackjack.


Since blackjack is a game of fortune, try out how lucky you are by trying out blackjack today!