Manktelow says residents should stay informed, pose questions to Butler officials as sewer sludge proposal goes forward

New York State Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R-130) has issued a statement on the proposal to bring a sludge processing plant to Butler, Wayne County.

That proposal is being considered by the Butler Town Board, and was proposed by Tully Environmental. The sludge processing plant would be operated at a gravel pit owned by Riccelli Enterpirses.

Assemblyman Manktelow, who represents the town of Butler, said several residents have reached out to him about the proposal.

“I have contacted Butler Town Supervisor David Spickerman about the matter and he told me that he and the town board have many questions about the proposal,” Assemblyman Manktelow said. “The people who live and operate businesses in the area are raising concerns, and rightly so. This would bring sludge from New York City to be processed in Butler and then trucked elsewhere for use as a composting or fertilizing material for agricultural use.”

He’s encouraging residents to attend a meeting at the Butler Town Hall on March 9th. A representative from Tully Environmental is scheduled to be present.

“The town has just received the proposal and started its review. This is a many-step process and will, among other things, require a permit from the town. Supervisor Spickerman has promised that the town will have its own engineer and legal counsel to review the proposal. The state Department of Environmental Conservation will also do a detailed review,” Manktelow added. “It is very important for those who are concerned about this proposal to stay informed, and to voice their thoughts about this to Butler Town officials. I will continue my conversation on the proposal with Supervisor Spickerman as more information becomes available. I will share any concerns received with him.”

The meeting is scheduled for March 9th and will be held at the Butler Town Hall located at 4576 Butler Center Road at 7 p.m.

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