Ontario County 911 gets boost through new service

Ontario County 911 has received a boost in form of a new service, which will allow emergencies to be located faster.

Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson and Steve DeChick, the county’s chief communications officer, spoke to the Finger Lakes Times about a new service that will help the work 911 does.

Earlier this year, phone systems were upgraded; and through that process a connected data collection service from RapidSOS Clearinghouses has been integrated.

“Ontario County 911 is one of many 911 centers leading the way in 911 technology to improve emergency response,” DeChick told the Finger Lakes Times. “In a world of ever evolving technology, we are proud to say that is has been our tradition that we strive to continue to keep as current as possible with the available technology needed to enhance all aspects of public safety communications.”

RapidSOS Portal is available with no commitment to every authorized emergency communications center across the U.S. and allows dispatchers to get and process information more quickly.

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