Geneva City Council will discuss sales tax increase at upcoming workshop

Don’t call Geneva City Councilor John Pruett’s proposal to raise sales tax in the city dead just yet.

City Council voted 8-1 to rejected the proposal to “conduct an earnest and diligent evaluation of how best to accomplish the goal of increasing just the city’s sales tax by 0.5 percent starting in January 2021 or sooner, with terms allowing us to retain the full or great majority of the benefit.”

That said, it will be one of the first topics explored at the newly-formed workshops, which will be held monthly in Geneva. Those sessions, which kick off next month, and will be held the Monday before City Council’s regular monthly meeting.

Those work sessions will be open to the public. It’s unclear how this topic will be explored, as the entire concept of a work session is new to Geneva.

That said, an opportunity for residents to hear where city councilors sit on certain issues is certain to provide reason for renewed discussion.

Some city councilors felt raising sales tax a half-percent would hurt low income earners.

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