Instacart plans massive hiring spree, looking for 300K shoppers

Just because the grocery stores have been busier than normal, or have been experiencing shortages on certain items – doesn’t mean everyone is willing to do their grocery shopping.

The grocery shopping service “Instacart” has been slammed by demand. And now, the company says they are going to be adding around 300,000 shoppers.

“It feels like everyone is panicking. And hard. Panicking very, very hard,” Instacart shopper Jessica Babin told News10NBC. “It’s literally drop-off, new call, drop-off, new call.”

To make matters worse, certain items and orders are taking days to fill – instead of hours.

A statement from the company says “Over the last three weeks, Instacart has seen the highest customer demand in company history.”

At this point, 27,000 of the to-be-hired shoppers will be in New York exclusively.  “Based on the current surge in demand, customers can expect to see delivery availability vary across stores during the busiest request windows,” the company said.

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