Tips for playing live roulette

This is a quintessential game of chance known to mankind. So simple, so elegant and so seductive. The secret charm of roulette comes from somehow naive perception that it mustn’t be that hard to pick a random number or choose the right color between black or red. Combinatorics shattered many dreams of riches and health, but that rush of spinning balls dancing around the roulette wheel steel makes every gambler’s blood to boil. Just watching others play is equally exciting, as they place those chips by making split or corner bets, hoping that little white ball will stop where it should.


This game originated in eighteenth-century France as a side product of mathematical exploits made by some of the greatest minds of that time. Only a country like France in the evening of the Revolution could produce a game that captivated royals and commoners alike. When gambling was prohibited in most of Europe, roulette found his sanctuary in Monte Carlo hideout. Since then, it was accepted all over the world with some variations added to give casino owners more advantage. French might invented it, but once a good idea spreads, it will soon be adopted by like-minded lovers of proper wagering.

Main tips

Choose a reputable casino

Playing live games might sound more transparent than an online pixelated version but if one steps into some back-alley so-called gambling den, he might expect some rude awakening. Reputable online real money casino can offer you the pleasure of some live dealer company plus excitement combined with the comfort of your own home. Meticulously check your casino’s credentials before starting your gameplay.

Set yourself Limits

We can never stress enough that the importance of a responsible approach to gaming, as it can save you some resources while making your game an enjoyable experience. Budgeting does not require some fancy finance degree, just common sense combined with a little discipline. Draw that red line in your head and stick to it, if pleasing gaming is what you strive to accomplish.

Consider Bitcoin casinos

Handling cash is always your top concern, especially if wagering requirements dictate buying in repeatedly for continuing gameplay. Combining bitcoin deposits with selecting low wagering casinos might be a win-win strategy. Virtual currencies facilitate gameplay in many ways by reducing unnecessary protocol plus assuring anonymity when needed.

Look out for Favourable Bonus Offers

Free treats shall not be refused under any circumstances, especially while placing bets on that roulette table. In this game, every extra coin is more than welcomed as it may easily change the tide in your favor. Just one lucky bet is all we need sometimes, so every reloading or birthday bonus holds a potential winning bet within.

Know the game rules

We presumed that you know roulette basics inside out, but in case one is a rookie in this field, educate yourself thoroughly. Besides basics, one should study multiple betting strategies as he gets deeper into this game’s mysteries. Beating this opponent is not easy as many will testify, but educating yourself before entering that ring might give you some edge.


The popularity of roulette will never fade away, even in a million years from now. You can play at Roulette77. We are attracted by risk-taking endeavors that promise a good score. If we can sense that winning in the air, we will place some bet, because we cannot resist any good opportunity. That is what roulette is all about and that is what will keep us coming back for more.

Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.