Downstate residents three-times more likely to have been tested for COVID compared to Upstate

It turns out Downstate New Yorkers are three times more likely than Upstaters to have been tested for COVID-19. They’re also four times more likely to have tested positive.

Those were the two patterns that emerged in a piece by Bill Hammond, published by The Empire Center. It looked at New York State Health Department data, which was recently posted online.

It looked at response, testing, and more since mid-March.

Coronavirus testing ramped up dramatically in mid-March, going from hundreds per day to more than 10,000 per day in a matter of a week. As of April 5th, a total of more than 320,000 people had been checked, and 131,000 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed – a positive rate of 41 percent, according to the report.

The rate of testing Upstate sits at 7 per thousand, which is one-third the Downstate rate.

Click here to read more from the Empire Center.

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