COVID-19 could wipe out 5-16% of county budgets in the Finger Lakes

Last week when the Canandaigua City Council met — they discussed what could potentially happen if some grim municipal budget forecasting came true. Those concerns had already been highlighted in a report by the New York State Association of Counties.

That reality though has not been exclusive to counties, cities, towns, or villages. Everyone is likely to feel the financial strain – even after the pandemic passes.

“I think every municipality in the state is, and the city is not immune to the financial implications that the pandemic is causing,” City Manager Goodwin told 13WHAM. “We don’t know the full impacts. We know there will be impacts. They will likely be significant, but it’s hard to tell how significant it will be at this point.”

NYSAC estimated losses of sales tax revenue by county in a report published in March.

It outlined mild- and severe- outcomes. Here’s how it shaped up for the Finger Lakes.

Here’s a look at the less-severe outcomes:

  • Cayuga — $1.7M or 3.7%
  • Cortland — $1.1M or 3.9%
  • Monroe — $20.3M or 4%
  • Onondaga — $14.5M or 4%
  • Ontario — $3.5M or 4.1%
  • Schuyler — $613K or 5.4%
  • Seneca — $1.1M or 4.2%
  • Steuben — $2.2M or 3.9%
  • Tompkins — $2.9M or 4.4%
  • Wayne — $1.5M or 3.4%
  • Yates — $470K or 3.7%

Now, a look at the more-severe outcomes:

  • Cayuga — $5.2M or 11.9%
  • Cortland — $3.4M or 11.7%
  • Monroe — $61.7M or 12.2%
  • Onondaga — $44M or 12.1%
  • Ontario — $10.7M or 12.7%
  • Schuyler — $1.8M or 16.3%
  • Seneca — $3.3M or 13%
  • Tompkins — $8.7M or 13.2%
  • Wayne — $4.6M or 10.3%
  • Yates — $1.4M or 11.2%

Read the full-report here.

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