Apple, Google will unveil bluetooth tracking for COVID patients across U.S.

Get ready to be tracked.

Apple and google are teaming up to develop new technology that will allow people to know if they have come into contact with a person that tested positive for the Coronavirus.

“The announcement by google and apple which is the first time we’ve seen collaboration between these I-T giants is really a break through,” said Abraham Seidmann, a professor of computers and information systems at the University of Rochester, who recently spoke with “The current method that everyone is using here is that you interview the person. The problem is if you interview me I rarely remember who I’ve met in the last 14 days.”

Beyond inefficiencies and limitations – the new system would bring technology into the fold, which experts say is crucial if tracking cases is going to take place at wide scale.

Apple and Google’s proposed tech solution would digitize that process using bluetooth technology. It’s not totally clear how it would work, though the companies say it would be rolled out by mid-May.

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