Millions of New Yorkers staying home while others remain ‘essential’

Millions of New Yorkers are staying home to help slow the spread of COVID-19. However, there are millions more working to keep them safe, supplied, and alive during the pandemic.

Those include healthcare workers, transit employees, grocery store workers, and so many others.

“These days are creating a strain for all of us,”  said David Dysssegaard Kallick of the Fiscal Policy Institute while speaking with Spectrum News. “But they are really, I think, kind of keeping things going. It’s a lot for them to manage.”

He added the importance of recognizing those who do keep the economy functioning in these unusual times.

“It’s just important to recognize who is doing the jobs keeping the economy functioning and keeping us sane in these times,” he added. “These are the essential workers, so these are the people who are under a real stress as the people who are having a hard time finding jobs.”

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