United Way of Seneca County uses network of 75 volunteers to distribute more than 1,500 homemade cloth masks

United Way of Seneca County reports that they have distributed more than 1,500 homemade cloth masks and now have a network of about 75 volunteers working to produce the masks.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests they are limiting masks to 1 per household. The goal is to ensure one member of each household can run errands safely while allowing us to provide masks to more households to start. Seneca County United Way is keeping all requests for more than 1 mask and will provide more to each household if and when available.

For masks, please email your address uwseneca@uwseneca.org or nalynn06@gmail.com.

If your household includes a high risk individual or essential worker in need of a mask, include it in your email and they will do their best to accommodate you.