Police attempt to ‘take back’ neighborhood through city code after 47 complaints, homicide at one Auburn residence

Law enforcement in Auburn say they are taking an unprecedented stand to ‘take back’ a neighborhood in the city that was the scene of a shooting last November.

Chief Shawn Butler says a Notice of Public Nuisance was issued to the owner of a home at 8 Delevan Street after responding to 47 calls to the west-end house over the last 10 months.

Butler says corrective action must be taken to stop the activity on the property within 30 days. If that doesn’t happen, then the City will file a civil complaint against the property owner seeking condemnation of the house for a year, according to Finger Lakes News Radio.

Butler spoke with FLNR about the property and the work being done on the law enforcement side.

“We have no other avenue to pursue,” he explained, while outlining the unprecedented steps taken to get the home under control. “This code in the City is for the most severe [cases] and we’ve never used it before.”

While some uncertain remains connected to how it will all play out – including questions about what steps the property owner can take with a hold on evictions for the short-term – neighbors are hoping for a peaceful outcome.

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