Nursing homes face serious challenges with COVID testing, cost associated with it

Nursing homes are facing a challenge. That challenge includes the financial fallout of twice-weekly testing for nursing home staff across New York.

Coming up with a plan to execute the testing, not only is time consuming, but also costly. It’s even more costly to execute the testing itself with so few labs readily available to process tests.

Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out the mandate earlier in the week, forcing facilities to do the testing, or face consequences.

“It puts our nursing homes financial condition at risk which means they can’t service their populations which means they can’t cover their staff, their payroll,” said Rep. Tom Reed, R-23.

Governor Cuomo contends its simply a move to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

More than 6,000 people have been confirmed, or presumed dead in nursing homes from COVID-19. At this point, leaders and lawmakers are calling for more effort to streamline the resources that allow the facilities to do more testing.

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