How Chicago is Tracking and Regulating the Sale of CBD Products

The use of cannabidiol in multiple types of products has become increasingly popular as of late, which is an interesting development considering that CBD is a compound you typically find in cannabis. It can be amazing how quickly public perception can change when it comes to certain products – though cannabidiol undoubtedly deserves the positive press.

Not only does cannabidiol come with potential health benefits, but it is also not the compound responsible for intoxication, which means there is no way to get high off of products containing only CBD. However, many products make use of CBD oil as well as a few other aspects, which is why places such as Chicago have begun tracking and regulating the sale of CBD products.

Does the state allow CBD products to be sold?

The gist of the matter is that Chicago (and Illinois) fully permit the sale of CBD products, provided they are derived from hemp, a plant in the cannabis family. Chicago is also on the lookout for products that might have a high concentration of THC, which is the compound responsible for intoxication in the cannabis plant. If you are purchasing CBD products and you are worried about getting high from such a product, it is crucial to look for labels that state a THC concentration of 0.3% or below.

Anything higher than 0.3% is not permitted in Chicago and is likely to cause trouble if distributors of CBD products try to sell products with high concentrations of THC in the state.

The trouble with edibles

Aside from CBD products containing an unreasonable concentration of THC, there is also the issue of manufacturing CBD oil as part of food additives or dietary supplements. While CBD products are generally legal provided they come from hemp, everything is thrown out the window if it happens to be CBD edibles. The FDA does not approve of CBD oil products that claim to be a dietary supplement or products that encourage buyers to try it with food and drink.

As a matter of fact, some of the more recent crackdowns in Chicago involve the confiscation of CBD edibles, which further reinforces the fact that CBD edibles are not permitted to be distributed in the state.

Are the state regulations subject to change

While the FDA regulation of CBD edibles will likely not change anytime soon, the same cannot be said about Chicago’s stance on CBD products. State regulations are always subject to change, and the popularity of such products could go a long way to loosening the restrictions.

Even with the number of rules and regulations involving CBD products, it is popular enough that investors believe the amount of money earned by the CBD industry will blow up in the coming years. While Chicago is regularly tracking and regulating the sale of CBD products, only time will tell if the trend continues or if the restrictions end up loosening.