Michael Oher – a story of a player from adoption to being a top player in the NFL

We always come across stories when children from low-income families manage to become one of the most successful people in the world. Sometimes it looks very unrealistic, but the past experience proves it is possible that everything can be achieved if a person is determined and appears at the right place at the right time.

In this article, we have an obvious example of a player who managed to become one of the most pivotal players in the Baltimore Ravens. It is Michael Oher.

A woman took custody of a boy from a dysfunctional family and changed his life

Sometimes it happens that people appear in our lives for a reason. This is what happened to Leigh Anne and Michael.

On a cold autumn evening, the Tuohy family returned home. The first snow was falling outside the car window, and there was no one on the highway when suddenly their children cried out: “This is Big Mike! He is studying at our school.”

This guy, Big Mike, who was 18 years old, then managed to become a successful offensive lineman in the Baltimore Ravens. From 2009 to 2013 Michael was an integral figure for the club. He even managed to encourage fans in Canada, the country which is not particularly famous for its love in the NFL to form a small community of supporters of the club. And this was possible for Oher. He became so popular that even top casino promotions in Canada started to feature Michael as an exclusive player. They offered bets on the Baltimore Ravens as well, but as soon as Oher transferred to the Tennessee Titans the popularity of the Ravens slowly diminished.

A sudden savior

A huge black boy in a T-shirt and shorts walked along the road, and it was clear that he had nowhere to go. Stopping the car, Leigh Anne Tuohy went out to ask Big Mike where he was going, and then she let him sit in the back seat and drove to their home.

The very next day, Leigh Anne went to school to find out the boy’s biography: Michael Oher was born in 1986. in Memphis and was the 12th child with his parents. A few years later, his dad died, and his mother was arrested for using illegal substances. She was suffering from crack cocaine addiction.

At 15, Michael was very different from other teenagers. He was standing 2 meters, and weighing 100 kg. He temporarily lived with his father’s friend, who sent him to study at a closed religious school. Michael could hardly read and write, but the football team coach, noting the potential, persuaded the school council to take it.

Leigh Anne quickly believed in Michael. She believed that thanks to love and faith in a child, she could improve his life. Every day, after school and soccer training, Michael studied with a private teacher. For several months, Leigh Anne went to Michael’s room, kissed him at night and sincerely said that she loved him, and one day the boy answered her the same.

In 2003, he was named the “Forward of the Year” and was one of the top state players. After the season, Michael had over 20 offers from various American Universities. He selected the Mississippi and successfully completed it with a degree in forensics. In 2009, Michael Oher signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens football team for $14 million. In 2009 the film The Blind Side was released with the participation of Sandra Bullock, who was awarded the Oscar for the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy. However, Oher himself did not like this movie.


Michael certainly gained the love and admiration of the fans of the Baltimore Ravens. He has retired already but managed to create a legacy, which is inspiring for everyone.