Parents prepare for prospect of part-time distance learning; districts weigh options to educate students

School districts across New York are waiting for guidance from the state on how to proceed.

The uncertainty has left many districts in a mixed state of confusion and uncertainty.

Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teachers Association, says the 2020-2021 school year will be like no other.

“Our goal is very simple,” he said. “We want the children to be safe when schools reopen. And we want the faculty and staff to be safe.”

The big questions: How do you maintain social distancing inside schools? If schools must keep students at home part-time – what does that mean for parents? What does that mean for the economy?

Adams tells 13WHAM that districts are considering one of three options: In-person classes, virtual distance learning, and hybrid programs, which would combine the two.

There’s no word yet on when a decision might be reached.