CBD Oil for anxiety

The research on studying the effects of CBD oil in treating various ailments is still in the preliminary stage. However, many clinical studies have shown promising results in favor of CBD.

This has caused a lot of curiosity among individuals about CBD products. People are willing to know their effectiveness in treating various medical disorders including anxiety.

As mentioned on CBD Fable blog, consuming CBD oil would have a direct bearing on our overall health system. Therefore, we need to follow a cautious approach in deciding about adopting this new alternative medication system.

Therefore, we need to objectively understand the effects of CBD oil in treating anxiety. And the most objective way to understand it is to know the scientific concepts associated with anxiety & CBD and their mutual interaction. The next logical step is to study the findings of various research conducted on the subject matter.

Anxiety and CBD

Anxiety is a natural part of your body’s protection system. As soon as you face any life-threatening situation your body triggers a fight-or-flight mechanism to protect you from the danger.

It is normal to be in such situations once in a while. However, being in an anxious state for a prolonged period of time can be harmful.  It can disbalance your nervous system and can adversely affect your mental health.  

The Endocannabinoid system is one of the major systems participating in the response mechanism. It plays an important role in influencing many processes in the body including its motor system, pain sensation, nervous system, and appetite, etc. 

It has many receptors throughout the body to receive different triggering signals. CB1 and CB2 are the two basic receptors located at different points in the nervous system. They also participate in the fight-or-flight mechanism of the human body.

CBD binds with these receptors and thus slows down the functioning of the endocannabinoid system of the body. It, in turn, helps in alleviating the stress and thus the anxiousness of the individual.

After understanding the biology of how CBD can relieve an individual of the anxiety, we would delve into various scientific research conducted in this field to find out the practical effects of CBD in reducing anxiety levels.

Favorable Research Outcomes

Many clinical studies have evaluated the effect of CBD in reducing anxiety. The following studies have shown the favorable impact of CBD in reducing anxiety.

  • A 2010 clinical study [1] conducted on the effects of CBD in combating anxiety revealed that there were evident changes in the blood flow of the sections of brains responsible for the anxiety under the influence of CBD oil. The participants’ calming down response was in alignment with the above findings during the brain scan.

  • Another study was conducted in the year 2011 on 24 volunteers [2] to find anxiety response during public speaking. Some of these participants were given 600mg of CBD while others were given the placebo. Volunteers under the influence of CBD clearly responded to the anxiety in a much better way than those under the effect of placebo.

  • A research conducted on animals in 2014 [3] showed clear signs of reduced anxiety and depression under the influence of CBD.

  • A year later, in 2015 past research analysis done on the effect of CBD on anxiety [4] reported that the CBD oil had favorable healing effects on various nervous system disorders including anxiety.

  • A 2016 study showed a very positive effect of CBD oil on a child affected by past trauma. The CBD oil helped the child in calming down. This proved the effect of CBD oil on stress disorder after the trauma. The child could also fall asleep. This provided very encouraging evidence of the effect of CBD on sleep disorders caused by anxiety.

  • However, all this research has only provided evidence for the short-term favorable results of CBD. There is no research available as yet to prove its long-term effects on human beings.

Non-favorable Research Outcomes

Many clinical studies show the favorable impacts of CBD in reducing anxiety. However, some studies do not show any encouraging results in a similar medical condition.

  • The research conducted in 2017 on a patient having the medical condition of high paranoid traits did not yield any favorable results of CBD treatment. The research conducted did not find any noticeable impact of CBD on the patients suffering from anxiety and heart rate, etc.

  • Another study in the same year did not show any indication of anxiety reduction in healthy volunteers on the oral application of CBD.

Side Effects of CBD 

In certain cases, CBD has been found to interact with other medications. Besides, it shows some side effects with a higher CBD dosage. 

  • Some incidences have reported adverse interaction of CBD oil with other medications for anxiety. Drugs like Beta-blockers, Prokinetics, and some Antidepressants have shown a tendency to interact with CBD. Such interactions can lead to further health complications to the patients undergoing traditional medication.

  • Though there is no evidence of CBD having ill-effects on pregnant and lactating women yet the adverse effects shown by marijuana-based products raise doubts over the safety of CBD products as well. Therefore, it is advisable for women to avoid CBD products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • In one of the studies, the higher dosage of 900 mg actually led to an increase in the heart rate of the subject.

  • American Medical Association had reported that about 70% of the CBD products sold through online stores were mislabeled. This poses a bigger threat if the product contains a higher level of THC than declared on the label. It would have very serious repercussions on the patient’s overall health conditions.

Final Words

Through the evidence provided by different studies on the effects of CBD Oil, we can infer that it offers many potential health benefits in different medical conditions including anxiety. However, due to the lack of extensive research on the subject, it cannot be conclusively stated.

If you are suffering from anxiety and not getting any favorable result you would want to use CBD oil for your treatment. However, we would recommend you to consult your physician before using any CBD product. In addition, we would also suggest you check the laws prevailing in your respective state regarding the use of CBD oil.


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