State launches form to report violators of NY’s travel ban to places with high infection rate

New York State has set up a way for residents to report violators of the new travel advisory issued to include more states this week.

Initially the restriction, which states that anyone traveling outside of New York to a state with a higher infection rate needs to quarantine for 14-days upon return.

When that quarantine mandate was announced, some asked ‘how’ exactly the state would make it happen.

Turns out there will be a form on the state website for residents to report others for violating.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says airports will also be tracking people who fly into the state.

“We are working with the airlines for them to give passengers upon landing a slip where you have to fill out who you are, where you are, where you are coming from, where you are going,” Cuomo said. “They’ll be collected by the Port Authority and entered into a database. We will then do random checks off that database.”