Brief standoff, vehicle fire both reported after domestic incident at July 4th party in Canandaigua

The Canandaigua Police Department reports the arrest of a 37-year-old resident on July 4th around 8:50 p.m.

Officers had been dispatched to a residence on Bristol Street for the report of two female subjects fighting.

Upon arrival, it was learned that Leslie Smith, 37, and a male were at a party together, and there was an active stay away order of protection between the two of them. The court order also covered three young children, who were at the party, too.

When an officer went to speak with Smith, she locked herself in a vehicle at the back of the residence.

The officer asked Smith to exit the vehicle, but she did not. That’s when police say Smith took an open box of fireworks, which was sitting on the front seat of the vehicle, and lit them.

The box quickly burst into flames, causing a fire inside the vehicle. Smoke filled the cabin of the vehicle, and fearing for Smith’s life – he broke a window, unlocked the vehicle and attempted to pull her from it.

That’s when the woman suddenly emerged from the vehicle with a knife and swung it at the officer.

The officer avoided Smith, but that didn’t end the situation. She moved to the back yard of the residence and placed the knife to her throat – threatening to harm herself.

The Canandaigua Police Department says the officer, a Sergeant trained and certified in crisis intervention, engaged Smith in conversation for about 10 minutes. Police say the knife was put down and she was taken into custody.

Smith was charged with arson, menacing a police officer, aggravated family offense, criminal contempt, and criminal mischief.

All of the charges will be answered at a later date.