Young child recovering after falling debris at Naples park causes severe head injuries

Officials in Naples say the injuries sustained to a local child was a rare event, and one that he hasn’t seen happen in his time living in the area.

That said, it serves as a cautionary tale for anyone visiting Grimes Glen.

Quincy Wilson was swimming in the natural pool at the Glen in Naples when falling rocks from the cliffs above struck him in the head. The park is operated by Ontario County, and several weeks after the incident – the 4-year-old remains in recovery.

“There are inherent dangers with any areas that have gorges with sheer cliffs. I’d say it’s 50/50 of folks that are aware of those dangers and those that aren’t,” Schenk told 13WHAM.

There is signage in the area warning those who go to the park about falling rocks and other dangers that come along with the natural surroundings of the space.

Mayor Schenk says Grimes Glen is a ‘hike-at-your-own-risk’ site. Becuase of that, visitors should take proper precautions.