Robot helps battle mildew on grape plants in the Finger Lakes

For grape growers in the Finger Lakes there are a lot of challenges. The weather is one of them.

However, John Martini, owner of Anthony Road Wine Company, tells 13WHAM that there’s a cool new tool being used to keep grape vines healthy.

It’s a robot called Thorvald.

“I went up the first night it ran and I forgot it was ultraviolet light at a high intensity so I had to stay in my car,” Martini recalled to 13WHAM. “Otherwise you’d get a hell of a tan!”

A mildew that typically collects on the plants doesn’t like the ultraviolet light. To keep it in check – growers have had to spray the vines every 7-10 days. Now, this helps limit the need for spraying.

Learn more about the process by clicking here to visit 13WHAM.