Josh Allen and Jack Eichel featured in new Bills and Sabres series “Captains Circle”

Get ready for a Bills-Sabres collaboration like you’ve never seen before.

As announced on Monday, July 13, the Bills and Sabres have teamed up to bring Buffalo sports enthusiasts everywhere the content that they crave. Through “Captains Circle” – a new digital show – fans will watch as current and former Bills and Sabres captains open up about their leadership experiences as professional athletes. Presented by Labatt Blue Light, the first installment of the three-part series will premiere on Sunday, July 19, at 7 p.m.EST and will feature Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Sabres center Jack Eichel.

Together in a virtual format, Allen and Eichel will give viewers a real and raw look under the helmet as they dish on intriguing topics like their rookie seasons, the expectations and responsibilities of being a captain, the pressures that come with having a high-profile position in the NFL and NHL, how they met and much more. Bonding over the similarities that exist between their respective roles as team leaders and community advocates, the captains also discuss the differences.