Study says kids less likely to become infected with coronavirus, but caution still needed

A new study has uncovered that there could be new reason for students to safely return to school in the fall.

Two professors of pediatrics at the University of Vermont studied how children transmit COVID-19, or the Novel Coronavirus.

“The data sets we have would suggest that children are less likely to become infected, less likely to develop severe disease and less likely to transmit infection,” said Dr. William Raszka Jr., M.D., Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Vermont.

Dr. Raszka says there’s something different physiologically about adults. It makes them more likely to transmit the virus.

“It’s not the schools that are the source of transmission, no one’s in school right now. Yet there’s this widespread transmission,” Dr. Raska added.

Either way, if schools reopen in the fall – for it to happen safely – masks, social distancing, and screenings will be necessary.

Check out the study here.