Yates County considers creating ‘finance director’ position like Seneca, Ontario

Yates County is exploring the prospect of creating a finance director position.

Both Seneca and Ontario have similar positions. However, success in the position has not been equal between the two counties.

County Administrator Nonie Flynn serves as treasurer, and recommended the shift.

“In my last seven years in that position (treasurer), and looking at county and state operations, I believe now is an appropriate time for the Legislature to consider the change,” Flynn told the FLT. “The county is increasingly being required to administer programs that are either unfunded or not adequately funded by state and federal governments. Such mandates, together with the revenue constraints of the county, require the best financial administration possible.”

A public hearing is set for July 27th at 6 p.m. A vote is expected to follow it. Even if approved, there would be significant time between it and creation of the position.