The Yankees and the Mets Adjust To Life without the Fans

Due to COVID-19, the MLB decided to not gather crowds at their games like every other major sports league in North America. However, not everyone is having the best time adjusting to the “new normal” in sports this season.

The atmosphere was quite indescribable when the New York Mets stepped onto the Citi Field to face the Yankees. While there were cardboard cutouts of the fans on the seats, and noise trying to replicate their murmur and cheers, it just wasn’t the same.

When summer camp started, all the teams played intrasquad and stimulated games to dead silence. Without any sound in the stadium, everyone could hear everything happening within and outside the stadium. It was incredibly unusual.

Fortunately, the games will be much better during the season. Although they won’t have any fans cheering and supporting their teams, they will be blasting artificial crowd noises. The MLB gave each team crowd sounds and a controller that can be used to play various sounds. But the fans will still have to catch the scores on sites like

Surprisingly, the crowd noises that will be played at the stadiums was recorded by MLB the Show developers at different games. They have everything, from background noises to various reactions. The MLB said that there are around 75 effects or reactions provided to each team for the games this season.

The sound effects are quite versatile.

If any player on a home team hits a ball to the gap, the “crowd” might become loud. When an outfielder isn’t able to get to the ball, the crowd might start roaring. If a home team player bats a soft hit and runs towards the first, the crowd may become very excited. However, the excitement will turn into disappointment very quickly when that player is out.

The Yankee Stadium’s in-game entertainment crew tried its best to give the players an average ballpark experience during the two July exhibition games.

Paul Olden, the public address announcer, was still delivering the pre-game lineups, with the same vigor for the home team, as well as each at-bat. A piece of familiar walk-up music accompanied the Yankee hitters as they walked to the plate. While the lights flickered and the scoreboard went up crazy with flashes with each Yankee home run.

All the information was displayed on the boards, as usual. The music blasted pre-game and in between the innings. A highlight reel also played when the Yankees took the field.

They even played ‘God Bless America’ and ‘Take Me out to the Ballgame’ in the seventh-inning stretch of the game. Similarly, the crew ended the night with Frank Sinatra’s classic, ‘New York, New York.’

The Mets are allowing their fans to be “in the Citi Field” during the games. Obviously, they aren’t going to let any fans inside physically. But the fans can purchase a $86 cardboard cutout with a picture of themselves. That’s as close as any fan will be able to get to the games this season.

The Mets also mentioned that the proceeds from the cardboard cutouts purchases will go to the Mets Foundation.