Democrat running for NYS Assembly in 131st says Cuomo should avoid taxing working class more

One of the candidates running for New York State Assembly says it’s time to tax the wealthy in the state, instead of targeting those barely getting by.

Matt Miller, a Democrat running in the 131st Assembly District that includes Seneca and Ontario counties, called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to devise a plan that raises revenue from billionaires and ultra-millionaires instead of targeting already struggling working class families.

Cuomo has made headlines over the last several days for his calls that taxes would need to increase significantly, across the board if federal funding is not passed to New York.

“It is ridiculous that the Governor is even thinking about making essential workers pay more for public transportation in the middle of a pandemic while the top 1% is flying around in private jets and helicopters while continuing to make millions of dollars. New Yorkers across the state are worried about how they are going to make rent, pay bills or even afford schools supplies,” Miller said. “Working Class families already shoulder enough of the burden. If the money needs to come from somewhere, take it from the billionaire, not the single mother working two jobs.”

Local governments across the region are preparing for the worst, which could include significant cuts to basic services. Cuomo says that in order to bail local government out, the state will need billions to balance the budget and clear the deficits caused by the Novel Coronavirus.