Drivers frustrated by New York’s DMV restrictions, but renewals still not subject to fines

More than two months after New York entered the third phase of reopening, DMV offices around the state are still operating under heavy restriction.

“The days of just doors wide open and having as many people as you can walk into a DMV don’t currently exist,” said Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo. “And we are not sure when those days will come back.”

Jennifer Anderson, a local resident who has been trying to renew her license, called the entire set of circumstances “ridiculous.”

Last month she was turned away for not having proper identification, which meant that she needed to schedule another appointment.

“Once again, it’s not good enough and I need to make another appointment which is in October,” Anderson told 13WHAM.

DMV offices book approximately 520 appointments a day, which is the only way those offices are allowed to operate. However nearly a third of them are ‘no shows’.

Residents with licenses, non-driver IDs, and registrations expiring March 1 or later will not be subject to fines because of the pandemic.

The Governor’s rules state that the same rules apply to drivers whose inspections expired after March 31st.