Hundreds sign petition to have flashing light, speed reduction at fatal intersection in Cayuga County

Following a deadly crash at a problem intersection in Cayuga County – a petition was created to lower the speed limit and put a flashing light at the location.

The crash happened at the intersection of Blanchard and Turnpike roads. It’s the third accident in two months, according to the petition.

The most-recent crash was the only one of those three that was fatal. However, those who live in the area say that the intersection has been a problem for years.

The speed limit on Blanchard Road is 55 mph, and the petition calls for it to be reduced to 45 mph. There is a blind hill and multiple driveways in the area, which creates more room for error.

A number of those who signed the petition also commented on the condition at the intersection.

“I have family and friends who live on this road and that frequently drive this road. It has been a problem for years,” Allison Winters said on “This road is very dangerous.”

Ronald Cardinal, who lives in the area says the stretch has become too dangerous. “I live here. Too many have died in this location for it to be ignored as long as it has been,” he wrote.

The petition had more than 280 signatures, with a goal of 500 being set by the petition creator.

Sheriff Brian Schenck said in an update after the crash that 65-year-old Kathryn Lawler, of Port Byron died after she failed to stop at the stop sign at Turnpike Road.

She was transported to Upstate Hospital where she was pronounced dead.