Dispatcher credited with aiding in emergency delivery of baby in Seneca County

A newborn baby boy and mother are safe after a delivery away from any local hospital.

Over the weekend, the Seneca County 911 Center received a call from a person reporting that they were in pre-term labor.

That’s when dispatcher Allison Archer performed emergency medical dispatch instructions to help the caller deliver the child. Infant CPR instructions were also rendered over the phone.

Seneca County 911 Center Director Melissa Taylor said those actions contributed to saving the newborn baby boy’s life.

She said in a press release that the mother and child were transported to the hospital by North Seneca and South Seneca Ambulance.

Dispatcher-assisted childbirths are rare in Seneca County, with only a small number happening each year. Dispatchers are trained in National/International Academics of Emergency Dispatch Standards are are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers, which prepares them for these types of rare situations.

“The efforts of dispatcher Archer are a perfect example of the excellent service provided every day by all the team members in the Seneca County 911 Center,” 911 Operations Manager Brandi Godley said.

“I am proud of Allison and the entire dispatch team,” added Taylor. “We wish the family and newborn baby all the best.”